Eugene Dupuch Law School’s First Virtual Cohort Receive Legal Education Certificates at Graduation

Nassau, Bahamas (Oct. 9, 2022) — Scores of bright aspiring legal minds are now one step closer to joining the esteemed fraternity of lawyers. The Eugene Dupuch Law School (EDLS) hosted its 2022 graduation ceremony on September 24th, 2022 where 34 students from The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands Barbados, the United Kingdom and the United States of America received their Legal Education Certificates.

The ceremony, which was held at Baha Mar’s Grand Hyatt property, marked the achievement of a major milestone for students enrolled in EDLS’ two-year and six-month programmes. The participants in the two-year course are all seeking admission as counsel for the first time. However the students in the six-month programme are already common law qualified attorneys and the completion of this course now qualifies them for admission to the Bar of one of the Caribbean Common law countries, party to the Agreement establishing the Council of Legal Education

The cohort of graduates of the two-year programme is also the first to have completed that programme entirely virtually due to COVID-19. “Unlike the previous graduating class which still enjoyed one year of face-to-face learning, this class is the first that completed the full programme online. We really had to take advantage of technological advancements and upskill our faculty in hybrid and online teaching in order to accommodate this cohort of students,” said Principal of The Eugene Dupuch Law School Tonya Bastian-Galanis. “

“If one were to label this class of 2022, it would undoubtedly be the COVID class, but not as you understand COVID, but rather as this experience proved itself to be,’” said Ebonesse Bain, who was recognized as the best performing student over the past two years. “We were challenged to raise the bar and give it our all and our best. We overcame many of the obstacles placed before us. We stand here today, victorious” Bain added.

The Hon. Sir Brian M. Moree KT, K.C. delivered this year’s presentation address. “More so than the members of any other profession, lawyers have a special obligation to society as the guardians of democracy, of the “rule of law” and a rational scheme of justice. I wish all of our graduates in the Class of 2022 much success and a very fulfilling career at the Bar” he noted.

EDLS Graduating Class of 2022
Senator the Honorable L. Ryan Pinder and Graduate Ebonesse Bain
The Hon. Sir Brian M. Moree KT, K.C. delivering this year’s presentation address.