Student Events


Legal Education Week is one of the highlights of our academic year. Led by the Students’ Association, it builds camaraderie amongst staff, students and alumni as we get together for learning, fun and fellowship. Each year we eagerly anticipate Race Judicata where teams compete for the coveted EDLS NINJA WARRIOR Title. Events such as Lunch and Learn, and the Imoja Lecture foster and promote legal education and increase awareness of legal issues in the community.


The Law School’s annual concert and variety show, Dis-We-Bar, showcases the artistic talents of students, faculty and staff and members of the wider legal fraternity. The production also serves as a means of maintaining a connection between the Law School and the rest of the legal fraternity, as well as the Bahamian community at large, through the artistry of our students, alumni, faculty and members of the wider Bar.

Proceeds from the concert benefit a selected charity each year.


The objective is for students to sit at the elbows of their learned seniors to hear tales of their rich experiences of in the law and to absorb nuances of the profession to aid them in them in their professional development. Typically, the dinners are attended by students, and the faculty of the Law School and judges.