2023 STEP/EDLS Moot Recap

On 10th March 2023, the partnership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Commercial and Financial Services Law Clinic of the Eugene Dupuch Law School hosted law students, other members of the legal fraternity, trust and estate practitioners and professionals in related fields to another exciting and informative Moot.

The law firms of Callenders and Co. and Higgs & Johnson, via their student proxies, debated on a moot question founded on estate planning involving an asset holding company. The judges of the Moot were the President of the Court of Appeal, Sir Michael Barnett, Justice Loren Klein, and retired Justice Rubie Nottage. The Moot culminated in Callenders being declared the winners over last year’s champion Higgs & Johnson. Team Callenders was represented by EDLS students Ava La-Roda, Calnan Kelly and Dancia Knowles. Team Higgs and Johnson comprised EDLS students Diana Ferreira, Sanjay Kelly and Tinarje Moxey.

Left to right: Mr. Calnan Kelly, Ms. Dancia Knowles, Ms. Ava La-Roda, Justice Loren Klein, Justice Rubie Nottage (Ret.), Sir Michael Barnett, Kt., Ms. Diana Ferreira, Ms. Tinarje Moxey, Mr. Sanjay Kelly
Team Higgs & Johnson
Team Callenders and Co.