Ashley Moree and Debra Thompson represent EDLS at the 2022 Caribbean Law Clinic

The Caribbean Law Clinic (CLC) is a project of the American Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI)*. The CLC is intended to enable students from participating institutions to assess legal problems and issues that are responsive to the needs and priorities of Caribbean nations. The 2022 CLC was hosted by the Council of Legal Education Hugh Wooding Law School November 9-13, 2022. Participating students mooted problems prepared by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Academy for Law. The hybrid moot was held at the CCJ before a panel comprised of judges from the CCJ and the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ms. Ashley Moree and Ms. Debra Thompson represented the Eugene Dupuch Law School. Both Ms. Moree and Ms. Thompson expressed appreciation for the opportunity to take part in the CLC which they described as a rewarding experience.

Says Ms. Moree, “ [the CLC] was an invaluable experience to collaborate with other law students throughout the region. I felt a sense of pride and obligation to do well whilst representing the law school. The thing I appreciated the most in preparation for the moot before the Caribbean Court of Justice was the opportunity to share our law school

In similar vein, Ms. Thompson said, “ I am grateful to have been a part of the clinic and for the valuable lesson and skills that I can take into my professional career. The unique opportunity to network, collaborate and troubleshoot issues with colleagues from regional and international law schools enhanced the experiential learning. The valuable lessons I gleaned have sharpened my critical thinking, time management and multitasking skills. ”.

The judges commended Ms. Moree and Ms. Thompson on their advocacy skills. The student advisor was Ms. Pauline Seymour, Tutor at the Eugene Dupuch Law School.

*The American Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI) is a membership organization of educational institutions in the Caribbean and the United States of America. The membership has a shared goal of establishing a network that will be a resource for reviewing and evolving the law of participating nations. The mission of the ACLI is to advance the common interest of its members in the growth and development of the Caribbean Basin and to facilitate collaborative relationships by strengthening the legal development and legal institutions of the Caribbean Basin.