2023 LEX Caribbean Client Interviewing Competition

The Lex Caribbean Client Interviewing Competition is one of three competitions endorsed by the Council of Legal Education. Participants, selected from among Year 1 students, demonstrate competence in client accommodation, questioning techniques to elicit critical information, and the application of relevant laws. The competition also exposes participants to the ethics of the profession as client advocates. Norman Manley Law School emerged as this year’s winners.

My experience with the Lex Caribbean Competition was indeed a memorable one. Although we did not come out on top, it allowed us to have tools at our disposal that would be helpful when we are dealing with various clients in our respective areas of law. Personally, I would recommend any Year 1 student to take part in the competition and gain the experience and exposure we did.

-Kaelan McCartney, EDLS

This was my first experience entering a competition of this magnitude and I am so glad that I participated. I learnt and grew a lot from the experience which undoubtedly sharpened my skills on my journey to becoming an attorney. I am deeply indebted to my coach and fellow team members for the support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

-Louisene Louissaint, EDLS

Pictured (left to right): Kaelan McCartney, Louisene Louissaint, Chastity Butler, Knijah Knowles (Coach).