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Berchel Wilson 1

Berchel Wilson

EDLS congratulates Berchel Wilson on her appointment as LexisNexis Student Associate for the 2016/2017 Academic Year. She will travel to Trinidad and Tobago in September to be trained in the use of LexisNexis online research services so that she can effectively advise our students on the use of this essential online resource.

Berchel joins Associates at over 50 institutions who offer free clinics to help students maximize LexisLibrary search results. “LexisNexis is used by students on a daily basis,” she said. “The database allows ready access to legal articles, journals, and cases that we use to prepare for assignments, moots and examinations.”

Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the free service that Berchel will offer throughout the school year.  “My goal is to make students more comfortable with doing research. As a summer intern with the Office of the Attorney General, I learned the importance of research and as well as strategies to do so quickly and relatively easily,” she remarked.

Berchel is very active in our school community. She is the outgoing EDLS Students’ Association First Year Representative, and has represented us well at the Environmental Law Clinic and training events. She is particularly interested in Environmental Law and wants to champion this issue in order to protect our economy and way of life. After Law School, Berchel hopes to begin a life in public service at the Office of the Attorney General with long term goal of being appointed to a seat on the Bench of the Supreme Court.

When asked what advice she has for students, Berchel responded “Practice time management, learn what works for you and do it, and make the time to learn something new”.