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The Eugene Dupuch Law School extends hearty congratulations to McFalloughn Bowleg Jr., Aliki Skelton-Lettsome and Keva Louis Champions of the Lex Caribbean Client Interviewing Competition. This annual, regional competition between first-year students of the Eugene Dupuch, Hugh Wooding and Norman Manley Law Schools, took place at the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica on January 28, 2017.

Team EDLS trained under the direction of coach Clive Guy, Senior Tutor II. “We had an amazing coach who dedicated countless hours to help us prepare for the competition.” said McFalloughn. “Based on his vast expertise in the area, Mr. Guy formulated an interview structure that focused on the essential ingredients of a productive client interview.  It is this exact structure that we utilized at the competition in Jamaica.”

The team also appreciates the tremendous support received from Tonya Bastian Galanis, EDLS Principal and Carla Card-Stubbs, Tutor who helped them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Law of Remedies, and the Legal Code of Ethics. Principal Galanis, expressing pride in the team’s success said, “McFalloughn, Aliki and Keva responded positively to Mr. Guy’s exacting tutelage. The experience of the Lex Caribbean Client Interviewing competition will serve them well in the future. We are happy to have the shield back at EDLS”.

The team practiced hard and their efforts resulted in the win.  We practiced 7 days a week for hours at a time, right up to the night before the competition,” remarked Aliki. “During the interview, I was relieved to find that our client was not as difficult as I had anticipated. Mr. Guy, who acted as our client a few times during training, was more difficult than our client. It was at that point that I realized that the experience was not going to be as difficult as I had anticipated.”

The team is extremely grateful for the support of the faculty of the Eugene Dupuch Law School, and for the opportunity to compete and improve their client interviewing skills. They encourage other students take advantage of similar opportunities, and are rooting for those who are participating in upcoming Margaret Forte and CCJ International Law Moots.