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Criminal Law Clinic

A specialist criminal law clinic at the Eugene Dupuch Law School Legal Aid Clinic was born out of the recognition of a need  for the public to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system, its practice and procedure, and understanding of an individual’s fundamental rights on arrest and the process involved in same. Participating students will examine the Constitution and other  statues in order to fully understand the legislative framework with regard to criminal practice and procedure. They will also examine case law and legal texts to assist in understanding how this legislation is brought to life and applied in the everyday running of the criminal justice system. The Clinic encompasses all areas of Criminal Law, from the role and function of the police on arrest, the rights of the arrestee to mitigation on sentencing, and appeal. There will be a particular focus on juvenile justice and the concept of restorative justice with a mediation component.

Students will work on criminal matters in the Legal Aid Clinic and  other law offices identified by the Clinic’s Supervisor. There will be an outreach component to the Clinic involving Imoja Lectures and Town Hall meetings. Pamphlets and brochures will also be produced. The Clinic will collaborate with other educational institutions to provide information about the criminal justice process and to assist in the establishment of school courts for dispute settlement centered on mediation and restorative justice and the training of student advocates to manage same.