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Tonya Bastian Galanis, Principal Eugene Dupuch Law School honours Librarian Jeanne Slowe with Smokey Joe Award.

Eugene Dupuch Law School librarian, Jeanne Slowe, was awarded the Smokey Joe Award for 2016, in recognition of over 40 years of dedicated service to the Council of Legal Education.  The annual award named for a weekly column on Bahamian politics, society and manners once written by Mr. Eugene Dupuch QC, after whom the Law School is named, honours persons who have made significant contributions to the institution.

Ms. Slowe, began her career as a library assistant at the National Library in Guyana where she was inspired to pursue library studies at the University of the West Indies. This experience led to a rewarding career that demonstrates her passion for learning. “I have varied interests and consider myself adventurous,’ she said ‘I have no regrets. We are all here for a purpose, and should take advantage of opportunities for study, travel and personal growth.”

Ms. Slowe, an OAS Fellowship recipient, holds a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science from the Pratt Institute, New York, and a Diploma in supervisory management from the Institute of Management and Production, Kingston, Jamaica.

Ms. Slowe is also an Attorney-at-Law and is a member of the Jamaican Bar Association. She developed a keen interest in the law while serving as Assistant Librarian at the Norman Manley Law School. After almost forty years at the Norman Manley Law School, acting true to form, Ms. Slowe embraced the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Laws degree and the Legal Education Certificate. “I wanted to understand the law to enhance my library skills, and therefore better serve my clientele,” she said.

Ms. Slowe joined the Eugene Dupuch Law School in 2014. She is an inspiration to us all, we congratulate Ms. Slowe on her achievements.