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L-R: Justice Isaacs, Justice Stephen Isaacs, Justice Anita Allen, Tonya Bastian Galanis – Principal, Kahlil D. Parker – Guest Speaker

The Annual Student Dinner held at Luciano’s of Chicago on November 16, 2017 provided a unique learning opportunity for our law students to interact with peers and network with their seniors from the Bench and Bar, in a relaxed social setting.

Keynote speaker Mr. Kahlil D. Parker, President of the Bahamas Bar Association posed three questions:

  1. “Are we ensuring that the right questions are being asked of those charged with responsibility for managing our national affairs;
  2. Are we questioning whether reforms and proposed legislation are fit-for-purpose; and
  3. Are we proposing workable reforms so as to improve the quality of life of the Bahamian citizenry?”

Parker puts forward that if “we are a nation of laws then the law must apply equally to and for the benefit of all,” and that this requires transparency and accountability. He ‘calls for broad based legislative reform’ and promises to ‘promote’ and ‘agitate’ for this, as President of the Bahamas Bar Association. He hopes to ignite in law students, a passion for advocacy and calls upon the members of the Bar Association to make their presence felt.