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Alumni Association Sub-Committees

EDLS Foundation & Trust Establishment – Committee geared toward formalizing a Foundation with objectives to benefit the Law School and more particularly to aid the construction of the EDLS Law School campus and provide scholarship opportunities for Alumni.

Constitution & Elections – Committee geared toward formalizing a draft constitution for ratification by the body, and developing the election guidelines to ensure that elections take place once the constitution is ratified by the body or no later than a year following the establishment of the steering committee.

Membership & Dues – Committee geared toward formally contacting, and registering members with the EDLS Alumni Association and collecting dues from the said members for the commencement of the work of the Association.

Public Relations – Committee geared toward generating awareness of topical legal issues, news concernign EDLS and the legal profession  and to attract members, and keep members abreast of Alumni efforts.

The Steering Committee hopes to establish in due course an Education & Career Bank Committee which would be a multi-purposed committee with the responsibility of

  1. Co-ordinating alumni efforts to give back to the community and our members through educational initiatives- ie newsletters, submissions to local periodicals, law clinics, conferences for members etc.
  2. Also to serve as the arm of the Alumni that is aware of job listing and career opportunities for its members, and can optionally host members’ resumes for consideration of a prospective employer on the instruction of a member.
  3. Liaise with Law school when necessary regarding Legal Week or other events in which the Law school seeks Alumni participation.

Any Alumnus interested in formally registering as a member of the steering committee, and by extension the Association, and participating on any of the Committees can often contact the Acting Secretary, Miss. Ambrosine Huyler at or any of the acting executive officers.