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Why Give?

Since 1998 the Eugene Dupuch Law School has been educating and preparing students for real world challenges. The Law School has a history of producing some of the most talented and committed legal practitioners in the Region. We want to continue our legacy and we ask you to partner with us.

The Eugene Dupuch Law School has extended its reach to impact the surrounding community through our Legal Aid and Community Clinics, seminars and workshops and lecture series which give clarification to pressing national issues.  Your philanthropy helps to make all these initiatives possible.

When you give, you become a part of an influential group that allows the Eugene Dupuch Law School to grow, advance and change. We advance the mission of the Law School by remaining committed to the pursuit of excellence, the maintenance of high ethical standards, the promotion of social justice and the strengthening of the rule of law. We change lives not only by giving students opportunities to learn, but also provide them with the tools necessary to become change agents within our local community and beyond.

Make your gift today!