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Dr. Peter D. Maynard

Dr. Peter D. Maynard Associate Tutor Constitutional Law

Dr. Peter D. Maynard
Associate Tutor
Constitutional Law

Dr. Peter Maynard is the Managing Partner of Peter D. Maynard, Counsel & Attorneys. Dr. Maynard has practiced law for over 33 years. He is the Course Director of Constitutional Law at the Eugene Dupuch Law School. Dr. Maynard is a former international economist at the United Nations and Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution Washington D.C. Dr. Maynard has also served as law lecturer at the University of the West Indies at the Cave Hill Campus and at the College of The Bahamas. He is a past President of The Bahamas Bar Association and the Organization of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Association.

Dr. Maynard is a Director of the Bahamas Financial Services Board the current chair of the Public and Professional Interest Division of the International Bar Association and the National President for the World Jurist Association.  Dr. Maynard holds a B.A. (Hons) from McGill University, a LL.M from Cambridge University, Jesus College a M.A., and a Ph.D with Distinction in international Law from John Hopkins University. Dr. Maynard is called to the Bars of The Bahamas, England and Wales, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Antigua-Barbuda and pro hac vice Turks and Caicos Islands.