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The Eugene Dupuch Law School is staffed by both academic and administrative personnel. Our full-time teaching staff comprises the Principal, Senior Tutor, Legal Aid Director, Senior Tutor II and four other full time tutors. There are also a number of part-time or Associate Tutors who assist with the delivery of the academic programme. These Associate Tutors are members of the judiciary as well as members of the public and private Bars.

In order to be appointed to the academic staff, persons must be an attorney-at-law qualified to practice law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, and must have at least five years of practical, professional experience. They would also be expected to demonstrate competence in at least two areas of law covered in the Law School’s curriculum.

Teaching at the Eugene Dupuch Law School involves not only class room learning, but also practical training in our Legal Aid Clinic. In the Legal Aid Clinic Year II students are taught the application of their academic skills when dealing with actual clients. This part of the teaching experience is supervised by the Legal Aid Director, assisted by one full time tutor.

The general responsibilities of our teaching staff include conducting lectures and tutorials, participating in regular assessments of the established curriculum, participating in activities to facilitate and strengthen the Law School’s overall course of study and enhancing the status of the institution through research and publication on various aspects of the law. The teaching staff at the Legal Aid Clinic also provide general legal advice and assistance to clients of the Clinic in various areas of law. They provide representation to clients in civil litigation as well as criminal and public law cases in the Supreme Court, the Resident Magistrates Court and other tribunals and forums. Their instruction to students is done through the utilization of cases in the Clinic for practical application of the law and legal procedure, and for case preparation and presentation.

Our administrative staff is headed by the Registrar of the Law School, who is assisted by the Assistant Registrar and a team of very supportive secretarial personnel. The Registrar, among other things, manages and supervises the application, registration and examination processes and maintains the records of all students in the institution.

Members of the full time academic staff and the Registrar sit on the Academic Committee of the Council of Legal Education. The Academic Committee is charged with the general responsibility for the practical professional training of persons seeking to enter the legal profession.